Monday, October 24, 2011

Starting Over......Maintenance

Today's weight 156.8

It's been a bad month. I weighed 143 at the end of my last round but had to leave for Minnesota and couldn't stay on maintenance while I was there. Got home and just couldn't get back to P3 eating. So I've paid the price! I'm up 13.8 pounds in 1 month!!! Comes off quick but it goes back on just as quick if you don't do the maintenance. I guess that's why they say maintenance is the most important part of the program.

So here I am, starting over. I'd love to go back on the HCG, but I really need to learn to stick with the maintenance the right way. So I'm doing the P3 for 3 weeks that I didn't do after my last round. I'm hoping to drop some of the weight I've put on and I'm hoping to feel better. With all the junk I've been eating, I feel crummy! I've scheduled my next HCG round to start the middle of December, so I've got 8 weeks to stick with maintenance. I'm hoping to lose what I've gained......or at least most of it.

I didn't make my goal of reaching 125 by the time I turned 51. I'd like to get back down to 135 and then maintain that for 6 months or so. If I still feel like I'd like to lose the last 10 pounds I can do it later, once my weight has stabilized.

When I first started this it was exciting to go into my closet and try on clothes I hadn't been able to wear and have them be too big, now it's depressing. So many of the clothes I got into are now to tight and uncomfortable. I am determined to get back down into them!

Over the weekend I got a bike. Several years ago my bike was stolen and I've had a tough time finding another one I liked as well. I've probably gone through 4 or 5 bikes since then. This summer I got rid of all of them because I didn't like riding them. Finally got one I love! It's a Raleigh Cruiser. It's great for the kind of riding I like to do. I'm hoping that getting active again will help me drop the weight I've put on.

I've also learned the importance of weighing in DAILY!!! If I'd have known I had gained this much, I would have got my act together sooner. But I didn't want to know so I wasn't weighing myself anymore. What a shock! I'm now officially back in the 'overweight' category.

Oh well......P3 eating today and some exercise in the afternoon.