Wednesday, August 31, 2011

R4P2 - Day 3

Start weight 153.4
Today's weight 149.2
Loss 2.2
Total loss 4.2

Wouldn't it be nice if I could keep dropping 2 pounds a day for the first week! I'm sure it will start to drop off by tomorrow. I just hope it stays in the 1 pound range for at least a week before the dreaded stall or the .2, .4 losses.

Did really good today food wise, but still struggling with the water intake. I've had 1 liter plus another 20 ounces, so thats 53 ounces so far, but I should be drinking more like 90. But it's early yet.

Lunch - 235
Italian turkey sausage soup
1 turkey sausage
1 can diced tomatoes
30 g onion, chopped
Italian seasoning

Afternoon snack - 80

Dinner - 180
100 g sirloin steak
250 g zucchini
Bragg's Liquid Aminos
Montery steak seasoning

I went crazy at the grovery store today. The turkey sasuage was on clearance, plus they had sirloin steak, rib eye and lean hamburger (93/7), all on sale. Unfortunately we live in a small town and the selection isn't always what I'd like it to be. It's very unusual for us to have sirlion steak. Thankfully, we're getting a Trader Joe's in a town about 30 miles away.

I have enough meat to last me the whole 21 days I think! Some of it I precooked for emergencies. Also picked up some fruit, but I'm not sure if I'm going to have it everyday or with every meal. I guess it will depend greatly on what the scales say! 14.2 pounds to go!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

R4P2 - Day 2

Start weight 153.4
Today's weight 151.4
Loss -2.0

Not what I was expecting after my first day. I usually lose 3+ pounds and have lost as much as 4.7 after my first day on the VLCD. I hope this isn't indicitive of how this round is going to go. So I have 16.4 more pounds to lose.

Working on drinking more water. Yesterday I only had about 1 1/2 liters. I should be drinking 3 liters per day. Right now I'm on my 2nd liter, so I may make it tonight. At least I'll get closer!

Lunch - 235
Steak Chili
100 g steak
1 can diced tomatoes
1 c zucchini
1 slice chopped onion
Chili powder

I was surprised that the chili tasted so good. I know I'm not suppose to mix veggies on P2, but it's my one cheat this round. I've worked all summer on my zucchini plants and I'm not going to let them go to waste, especially since I'm the only one who eats them.

Dinner - 150
100 g chicken
2 c zucchini
1 slice chopped onion
1 tbls Liquid Aminos
Montery Chicken spices

Total calories - 385

Monday, August 29, 2011

R4P2 - Day 1

Start weight 153.4 (OUCH!)

Yeah, you read that right! Yikes!!! I'm up almost 20 pounds from my last LDW. I loaded while we were camping this weekend, but I've been eating lousy since the end of my last round. After getting a flu bug I just never got my act together and then it was all down hill from there. Thankfully I've gotten to the point were I'm tired of eating lousy and I'm tired of not having anything that fits. I got rid of all my bigger clothes when I started loosing weight as an incentive not to gain it back. So my wardrobe right now is very limited.

I'm only doing a 21 day round. I'm flying to Minnesota for a business seminar the end of next month and I wanted to be on maintenance for at least a week before I leave. It won't be easy even being in maintenance. They serve a continental breakfast, which of course I can't eat and then lunches are included, which are usually more P3 friendly. Then I have the problem of dinners. Pizza and beer just isn't going to cut it!

I'm trying this round to get back down into the 130's, even if it's the high 130's! I had dropped down to 132.8, but was back up to about.......oh my word I just check my last LDW for round was 133.0 so I've gained back 20.4 pounds! Like I said, I'm just hoping to get back down into the 130's and then stay there for awhile. Our anniversary is in February and I'll probably go back on the program once more before then to see if I can get into the 120's. I'm 5'3 and my WII says I should weigh 129 which is about 22% body fat. I think I can live with that!

Today's meals:

Lunch - 210
100g steak
2 c cabbage

Dinner - 150
100 g chicken
1 1/5 c zucchini

I didn't have any more fruit in the house other than strawberries, so I skipped tonight's fruit. I'm not sure I'm going to start with the grissini or not. Still deciding.....

Total calories - 360

Monday, August 15, 2011

Restart i didn't restart round 4 like I had planned. Too much going on right now to get it together so I've set a new start date for Round 4. We're going camping the end of this month and I'll load on those days, then start on the 29th. In the meantime I'm trying to get in the habit of eating P2 foods. No sugar or starch. I'm also working on drinking more water. I'm hoping this will get me primed to stick with it the end of this month.

After going off Round 3 the wrong way and going back to my normal pre-HCG eating habits, it's been hard to pull it together. Plus I think I was trying to start my rounds too close together. This way I'll start Round 4 almost 11 weeks after ending Round 3. I'm hoping I'll drop some of the weight I've gained by sticking with the P2 foods until then.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

R4P2 - Day 2

Todays weight 145.5
Loss -3.3

I didn't do to good today. I started my period and with the bloating and cramps felt aweful so I had comfort food in the evening instead of dinner. Strawberries, yogurt and almonds......and a chocolate cookie with a glass of milk! Who can eat chocolate without the milk....right? I should be back to normal tomorrow.


Coffee with stevia


Steak w/ asparagus


Yogurt w/ strawberries and raw almonds

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

R4P2 - Day1 - Really!

Starting weight 148.8

I tried to start last week but just couldn't wrap my mind around it. Doing better this week so I think I can handle it. Did pretty good today, although i didn't drink near enough water. It's hard getting back into the routine once you've fallen of the wagon for awhile!

After round 3 my LDW was 133.8, so I've gained back 15 pounds. Yikes!!! It;s like my last round didn't count. That will teach me to go off the program! But I'm back and hoping to get the 15 I've gained off by the end of September and if possible a couple of extra pounds. That would be nice.


Coffee with stevia


100 g chicken breast


Raw almonds

Was in a hurry and grabbed a handful of almonds for protein but no dinner.

Monday, August 1, 2011

R4P2 - Day1

Starting weight 150

That's about going off the program! Yikes!!! So I'm starting all over again. Well not quite. I haven't gained all the weight I lost, just 15 pounds. But it feels like I'm starting all over again. I was within 7 pounds of my goal weight and now......

Oh well, no sense beating myself up over it. Just get back to the program and watch the weight drop back off.

We went camping this weekend so I loaded then. I didn't weigh myslef before we left so I'm not sure how much I gained. There is someting to be said about weighing yourself eery day!