Wednesday, June 15, 2011

R3P3 - Day 4

LDW 133.0
Today's weight 135.8
Gain/Loss 2.8

I actually lost 1.3 pounds after my steak day yesterday but I was up over 4 pounds after my weekend binge. Yikes!!! Still trying to get over this flu bug I caught last week and feeling lousy again today so I didn't eat P3 foods today. Had toast for lunch......comfort food! So I don't expect the scales to be nice to me tomorrow.

We're going to out of town this weekend so I know it's going to be another bad eating weekend. My husband is taking me out to dinner on Saturday night. I'm going to try and be good......but no promises!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

R3P3 - Day 3

LDW 133.0

I'm not weighing myself this morning because I know that I've gained alot of weight over the weekend! It was a total bust. We went out both Saturday and Sunday and I ate all the things I shouldn't have. Plus, my daughter made chocolate chip cookies yesterday and I was weak......very weak! I knew this weekend was going to be hard, that's why I debated on whether to go off the drops or not.

Today's a steak day. I'm hoping I can undo the damage over the weekend!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

R3P2 - Day 32

Start weight 146.4
Today's weight 133.0
Gain/Loss +.5

This is my LDW. Decided to go off the drops today although I haven't been eating P2 foods. Today was the first day I didn't run a it looks like I'm finally getting over this flu bug! Ate lousy today! Everything still taste funny. Will try and do better tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

R3P2 - Day 31?

Start weight 146.4
Today's weight 132.5
Gain/Loss -2.0

I've been down with a really nasty flu bug since last Thursday. I've managed to drop 2 pounds but I haven't been eating P2 foods. I've been feeling so lousy the last couple of days I've had 2% Greek yogurt and fruit with nuts and that's about it. Everything taste weird including water! Been running a fever since Thursday night. Thought it would be gone by now but it's back up today. Was going to go off the drops today, but since I'm not eating P2 foods I'm not sure if I should stay on the drops for until I'm back on P2 foods or if I should just quit now. Still thinking on it! I was due to have company over on Friday but since I'm sick don't think they'll want to come over and be exposed to this.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

R3P2 - Day 27

Start weight 146.4
Today's weight 134.5
Gain/Loss 2.4

I'm down 2.4 in the last 2 days but I think it's because I've been sick. Started out on Thursday with a persistent cough but I wasn't feeling bad. Started running a fever later that day and felt miserable all day yesterday. Still running a fever today. Haven't felt like eating much. Food taste funny. Been drinking a lot of liquids, mostly water. Feel weak but I'm not sure if it's because I haven't felt like eating or just being sick. I was just surprised that this one hit so fast.

I am ecstatic that I dropped below the 135 mark. I'm just hoping I can stay there. I'd still like to lose below 130 but only have 3 more days so it's unlikely. I would stay on the drops longer to lose those last few pounds but we have company coming the end of next week and I know I won't be able to stick with it. So I'm headed for maintenance and I'll probably do another round later in the year to drop down to my goal weight of 125. It would be nice to lose another couple of pounds so that my 2 pound limit would still put me under 135. We'll just have to see how the next few days progress.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

R3P2 - Day 25 (I think!?!?)

Start weight 146.4
Today's weight 136.9
Gain/Loss .0

Interestingly I think I have the maintenance part down pretty pat, however, I'm not in maintenance yet!!! I'm so down with this phase, but am sticking with it for my daughters sake. I'm going off droops next Tuesday and on too soon. I think I've done too many rounds too close together. I was hoping to get into the 120's but I don't think that's going to happen, so I'm prepared to get off the drops and stay off for awhile before beginning another and final round toward the end of the year to get rid of the last 10 pounds. I will make my goal of being down to 125 before I turn 51!

I actually like where I am right now. I'm comfortable in my own skin which I haven't been for a really long time. I don't shutter when i see myself in the mirror nor do I try to avoid them. After this round I'm going to concentrate on getting into shape. I haven't done any real exercising in years, and with the weight off I'm feeling antsy to get moving. I've taken to hiking once a week, which I love. I'm going to find some additional trails in our area for variety. Plus my husband and I are going to take up bicycle riding again. I am limited in the types of exercises I can do because I have scoliosis. I can only do low impact exercises and absolutely NO weight training. Causes my curvature to worsen.

I was reading up on stalls and found that when you get to a set point, a weight that you were at previously for a long time, it is harder to drop past it and can takes weeks. I'm at the weight I was when my husband and I got married and I was at this weight for years, so it may take longer for me to get past this set point to get to my 'other' set point! But hey, this is a journey right! And I'm enjoying the trip so far. It's always encouraging to try on something I haven't worn in years and have it fit or even be a little baggy.

I have these favorite pair of jeans that are a size 6. Not that I wear a size 6, I'm typically into an 8. Maybe that's why I like these jeans so much. But they are super comfortable and unfortunately are getting too big for me. They are beginning to look baggy. My husband finally said to me the other day that I really should give them up. While they are super comfortable, they are not flattering on anymore.

I"m not going to list my foods today but I've eaten all P2 foods today. I'm trying to get away from documenting everything I eat. This is suppose to be a way of life and I've been on the protocol long enough to know what i can and cannot eat. I will be monitoring my food intake when I go on maintenance. At least for a while.