Monday, November 28, 2011

R4P2 - Day 1

Start weight 160.0

I"m starting round 4 again since the last time I never finished it. I binged over the weekend and gained 3.5 pounds, so my start weight this round is 160. I'm up 25 pounds! Yikes!!! I am so mad at myself that I lost all that weight and then allowed myself to gain 25 pounds of it back. (I'm still down 18) I'm determined to get it back off. I'm sticking with this round until I drop what I've gained back, so it will proabably be longer than the 21 days. Our anniversary is in February and I'd like to be back down in the 130's by then. That's roughly 65 days from now. I can do this!!!

Lunch - 240

100 g steak
2 c asparagus

Dinner - 186

100 g chicken
2 c lettuce

Total calories - 426

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